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We are devoted to enhancing your beauty and wellness through nature’s best-kept treasures. Fleur Colonie is a creation of beauty solutions crafted using rich, rare, and exotic botanicals from forgotten forests and valleys. We prepare dermatologically tested, cruelty-free skincare products and strive to maintain eco-balance. Fleur Colonie is here to reveal your authentic beauty.


Carefully curated with natural and pure ingredients

Hair care that spices up your locks

Hair care that spices up your locks

Embark on a journey of attaining a healthy, dandruff-free scalp with Fleur Colonie’s dynamic range of hair products designed to enhance your hair quality and volume. Utilizing the power of white pepper, a natural botanical ingredient, our products are formulated to transform your hair into long, lustrous and healthy locks, elevating your confidence and vibrancy. Known for its stimulating properties, white pepper works wonders by deeply cleansing your scalp and eliminating dandruff. This exotic ingredient also has a warming effect, which can help stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles promoting healthier hair growth. Bid farewell to dandruff with the Fleur white pepper range and embrace the confident version of yourself.


Say Hello to soft and supple skin

Say Hello to soft and supple skin

Fleur Colonie brings to you the Avocado series crafted to bring out nature’s true essence. We have prepared some of the best skin hydrating products making use of avocado. Avocado, the exotic ingredient, is packed with naturally occurring plant fats, making it the right ingredient to hydrate, moisturize and nourish your skin. Picked from the finest international botanicals, Avocado is a much-needed natural skin care ingredient in your skin care regimen.


Avocado Range - Best Sellers

Customer reviews

It has exceeded my expectations. I've tried a few body butters, but they disappear after 3-4 hours and must be reapplied. It's very moisturising and keeps your skin hydrated all day.
It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves no greasy residue behind. It moisturises and softens my extremely dry, cracked skin.

Shreya Chauhan

Fleur Colonie's Body Wash keeps skin soft and supple throughout the day. It moisturizes the skin as it claims and lathers well on the skin. My body smells amazing after the shower and it's long-lasting. Definitely adding this body wash to my favorites.

Indumathi Gopi

I was looking for natural products for skin and purchased Fleur Colonie’s body wash and avocado body butter. I must say that I am truly
impressed with the products and their packing. My skin feels extremely soft just after a few days of using the products. I would definitely
recommend it to my friends.


Fleur Colonie products are very natural and safe to use. I use various products from their avocado range, and they go easy on my skin. The best part is all the products have a pleasant fragrance and are extremely good. They have some of the best skin-hydrating products.


I wanted to go for a natural solution to my acne problems and avocado gel and avocado night cream. I have been using it for some time and can already witness significant results. The products were delivered without any delay as well. I will definitely purchase these natural skin care products again. 


If you are planning to buy online skin care products, I would suggest you go for Fleur Colonie as they have quite a good range of products made using natural skin care ingredients. I bought their avocado face cream, and this has been too good on my skin. 


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