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Our Story
Clean. Good. True. Just like you!

We are bestowed with the beauty and goodness of nature to make a cosy living on earth.

Nature has many hidden secrets and surprises. Few are explored, and many are yet to be discovered. Fleur Colonie was founded with a vision to bring clean and natural beauty accessible to everyone. The beauty industry today has a lot of products, however, the right knowledge and best practices are limited to only a few. This is where Fleur colonie comes in. All our products combines what nature has to offer along with science to give every customer potent and superior skin and hair care products. 

Fleur Colonie is a thoughtful creation of beauty solutions crafted from rich and rare botanicals from across the world. We bring to you natural products for skin and hair that  heal, nurture and rejuvenate your body, making you show off your natural and radiant skin.  

Dive into our garden and explore the beauty solutions and natural skin and hair care products curated with care for you!

  • We aim to guide the beauty sector towards natural solutions. We have devoted ourselves to being the best natural beauty brand that curates beauty solutions for your skin and hair. We strive to create natural products for skin and hair with utmost transparency and dedication.

  • Our mission is to provide you with natural skin and haircare products that is backed by science. We curate products in a clean pure and sustainable way using natural skin care and hair care ingredients. We bring to you safe and proven skin and hair care products that work  wonders for your skin and produce results that last.

  • Fleur Colonie is a cruelty-free brand that immensely values the wellness of our customers and our environment. Hence, we promise to deliver beauty solutions that are natural and restorative without causing any harm to animals or the environment.

Why choose
Fleur Colonie?

  • Fleur promises to rejuvenate, nurture and heal your skin using natural skin care and hair products. 
  • Our natural beauty products  are prepared after extensive research. 
  • Fleur Colonie understands Indian skin and hair and curates beauty solutions that are tailor-made to suit you. 
  • We are a cruelty-free brand, and all our skin and hair care products are dermatologically tested and approved. 
  • As a natural beauty brand, we deliver what we promise and ensure to enhance your skin and hair health.