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Revitalize your complexion with our face wash

Your skin accumulates oil, dirt and impurities throughout the day. And the work of a Cleansing face wash is to remove this unwanted debris, allowing your face to breathe. In addition to that, it also rejuvenates your skin and locks in moisture for hours. Fleur Colonie’s natural face wash is emersed with nature's goodness that removes any toxins without causing damage or irritation. Curated specifically for dry skin, our products can be your trusted option when you buy face wash online.

All about us and our natural skin care products

What is the benefit of using face wash regularly?

Fash wash is essential because it removes buildup, hydrates your skin and removes dead cells. It also further cleans up previously applied makeup keeping your skin clean and fresh.

Can face wash be used on all skin types?

A natural face wash that works as a gentle cleanser will work on every skin type. Any cleansing face wash with hydrating properties and no harmful chemicals can be used on all skin types.

Can facewash help with acne?

One of the primary reasons for acne is breakouts caused due to sweat, oil and dirt that clog up the pores. A natural face wash deeply cleanses and removes all the buildup, preventing breakouts and reducing the chances of causing acne.

Why is face wash better than soap?

Facewash is a better choice for your skin because soap has harsher chemicals that can affect the ph level and leave your skin dry. On the other hand, a cleansing face wash is more gentle on the skin and addresses various skin concerns like dryness, skin damage and buildup.

When you use a deep cleansing face wash, it clears up clogged pores and helps the product penetrate better, giving you that soft and supple glow without makeup. There are countless brands promoting facewash in India and it’s important to choose something that doesn’t have harsh chemicals. Having facewash for pimples and dark spots as the base of your skincare routine will heal acne scars and help you attain that clear skin. From deep cleansing formulas that eliminate impurities to gentle and nourishing options that hydrate and refresh your skin, we have the perfect face wash for you. Explore our collection and discover the transformative power of a quality natural face wash in your daily skincare regimen.